Heuristic Photography

Basic Floorwork Workshop


  • 5 hour long workshop
  • Beginner-friendly, open to all skill levels
  • Class size of 4
  • Edinburgh & Glasgow venues, or a venue in your city

Participants will be taught the basic skills needed to safely explore rope as a form of fetish and expression. The class will cover health and safety measures and focus on the importance of fluidity, connectivity and self-expression, made possible through solid technique. No suspension will be taught here, though the skills covered will work as a foundation for more complex techniques.

Bringing your own rope is welcomed, however the style taught will require natural fibre rope (hemp, jute, linen, cotton). Workshop rope for the whole class will be provided on the day. If you are interested in purchasing your own set of ropes, please **contact us well in advance** to arrange this.

This event welcomes both pairs and individuals of all skill levels, in a class of four. Pre-arranged partners are not specifically needed, but all participants must be comfortable with tying and being tied, to allow for even practise all round. Please come in comfortable, flexible clothing, come well rested, well fed and sober. The workshop will run for five hours, with a break halfway and some live demonstrations of skills taught in the class. We hope to inspire some new fun, and look forward to seeing you.

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