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Rope Semester, Edinburgh 2015

Xian & Ro-nin are happy to announce our “Rope Semester,” an Edinburgh-based tuition course beginning Sunday 26th April 2015hosted by Rope-Ed.
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Classes will run for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon/evening, and is capped to a small group of maximum 5 couples. Aimed at improvers/intermediates, minimum entry requirement is being able to tie a 2-rope box-tie.

Pre-pairing is definitely required: you do not have to be in any way romantically or play involved, just comfortable tying together in a workshop environment! If you do not have a practise partner, we may be able to help you book a professional if given enough notice.

Single class/drop-in price: £60 per couple
Full semester price: £240 per couple (£40 p/class)

1. (26/4/15) Box Tie:

2-rope recap, structural importance & fine-tuning, 3rd rope variations

2. (31/5/15) Rope Handling:

Rope management, direction & finesse, understanding tension

3. (28/6/15) Reaction Rope:

Expressing intent & emotion through rope

4. (26/7/15) Freestyling & Reading Shapes:

*How to construct a tie; improvisation, efficiency – breaking away from form

5. (6/9/15) Dynamic Rope:

*Dynamic ties; motion & static as forms of communication

6. (11/10/15) Content to be determined based on class progress.

Full workshop details will be given on corresponding event listings as they are updated. Please feel free to PM me directly with any questions, and I look forward to seeing you all. Rope on!

– 仙